Master Divers took the plunge in 1978 and has since occupied the crest of the wave in Sri Lanka’s marine Services. Master Divers’ mounting success at sea saw it rapidly acquire even the renowned, 50 year old company, W.A.Tucker; establishing it as Sri Lanka’s pioneering underwater project specialists. Since its inception, Master Divers’ has engaged in many off-shore and harbor based marine activities and maritime construction work in Thailand, Maldives, India, Singapore and in the Port of Damam, Saudi Arabia.
Today, Master Divers is on call to offer its services in any part of the world and is arguably the only marine organization in the Asian Region with its own fleet of vessels, Equipment, and Expertise. Therefore, Master Divers is your Marine Specialist of International Class in Asia, and your obvious port of call when sailing the silk route.
24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with nearly two decades of marine experience building into expertise in offering every essential service in off-shore and harbor operations, Master Divers is geared to deliver a conclusive service in marine operations to all Ship-owners and Ship Agents –unmatched by any other in the region, both in service and in price.


Professional divers from Master Divers carried out an emergency dive at Victoria Dam when it was completely flooded because its outlets were jammed. Braving the threat of the dam brushing at any moment, this was the first dive in fresh water at an altitude of 305 feet above sea level. That this was unique has been acknowledge by British Admiralty – and in the ultimate analysis, the dive helped preserve the Victoria Dam for future generations.

Master Divers transported the 390 mega watt Muthurajawela as well as the Puttalam power plants, from the Colombo harbour to their present locations.

It owns the largest savage tug in the region and the largest hullcleaning machine in the world.

Master Divers also holds the distinction of being amongst the largest ship salvage companies in the world.